These five things will help you with furnace repairs

To avoid costly furnace repairs and breakdowns, here are some things to check when your furnace doesn’t turn on.

When you have a broken appliance in your home, it can be disheartening and make you wonder what to do. It is important to remember that some elements may only need adjusting, repairing, or replacing.

The Thermostat

Ensure your thermostat is set in heating mode or on an automatic fan setting. Next, adjust the thermostat two to three degrees higher than what is currently inside your home. Alternatively, you can change the batteries if that doesn’t work.

The Gas Valve

It is essential to make sure that the gas valve is open. This part turns on if the handle is parallel to the gas pipe. Do not attempt to change the gas valve on your own. Be sure to contact a professional to help you.

The Pilot Light or Ignition

It might be necessary to check the pilot light if the temperature doesn’t change after adjusting the thermostat. If your furnace makes a clicking sound, your pilot light may need replacing. If there is a problem with the ignition, it could be due to a dirty or faulty ignition that needs to be cleaned and repaired—contact experts for assistance.

The Filter

When your filters are dirty and clogged, they can affect the airflow through your heating and cooling system. Dirt prevents the return airflow from returning to your furnace, which means that your heating and cooling system has less air to blow out to the supply vents, making you feel chilly and cold.

Many problems can affect the efficiency of your furnace. If you don’t maintain your furnace’s air filters, you will find your furnace running inefficiently or shutting down during extreme weather conditions. By keeping up with filter cleaning and replacement, your filters will breathe normally, and your heating system will operate properly.

The Air Ducts

Some cold spots in your home may result from holes, cracks, and gaps in your air ducts, allowing hot air to escape. A leaky chimney hinders the delivery of warm air throughout the home, making you think you need a furnace working. Look for and fix it right away.

By performing regular maintenance on your heating system, you can avoid costly repairs and breakdowns that can lead to the analysis of your equipment. In addition, you can ensure that your equipment is running safely and at maximum efficiency all the time.

Is your furnace in need of repair?

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