low water pressure in well system

Tired of low water pressure when you’re looking forward to a hot, relaxing shower?

Are you part of the 40 percent of the United States population that relies on groundwater and has a well system on your property? Here are some steps from our plumbing experts to try to fix the situation.

Adjusting the Pressure Tank

Average water pressure ranges somewhere between 40 and 60 psi. Fifty is the happy medium. If your well isn’t reaching 40 psi, you’ll want to see what you can do to adjust to that level. To do this, turn off the well’s pump circuit and test the air fill valve with an air pressure gauge. If it reads 40 psi or lower, adjust the pressure switch on the pipe connecting the well and the pressure tank. Then switch on the circuit and begin testing your water by opening your faucet. Your tank’s pressure switch can also go bad, causing a reduction in water pressure. It’s possible that the spring within the switch has weakened or that an electrical component has malfunctioned.

Give your Pipes a Good Look-over

It’s not uncommon for your system’s pipes to build up sediment and mineral deposits. This can cause a clog, preventing optimal water flow within the system. The result is a reduction in your water pressure. If you find this is your problem, connect with us as we’re experienced plumbers who can determine the extent of the clog and can work to eliminate the blockage by using water softeners. You’ll also want to check your sediment filter. A good rule of thumb is to change the filter every six months, but depending on the quality of your water, it could become clogged more quickly.

Invest in a Constant Pressure System

We can also help to install a constant pressure system at your property that will improve your well system’s water pressure. The system is installed on the waterline and prevents drops in water pressure. Even when you’re using more than one water system (your washer and shower, for example), you’ll experience a constant source of reliable water pressure when you have this system in place.

Need help with your system’s water pressure or other plumbing services? Call the plumbing experts at A&T Heating and Air Conditioning in Mohnton, Berks County, PA at 484-516-1017 or visit us online at www.atheatac.com.

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