The Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filters

Air filters. They may not be something that springs to mind when you consider your heating and cooling systems, but it’s important that they do. Not changing your air filters can be costly.

For your heating and air conditioning systems to function at their best, it’s essential that their air filters are changed regularly, eliminating the need for potential heating and air conditioning repairs, and worst case, replacement.

Dirty Air Filter Woes

Air filters are essential parts of the HVAC system. They act as a barrier to prevent contaminants and other particles like dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, animal fur, and more from circulating in the air and from reaching sensitive parts of your heating system or air conditioning system. Failing to change your filters on a regular basis can cause a host of problems, from minor to major, including:

  • Dirty Air. When your filter is dirty, it is recirculating dirty air throughout your home. This is the air you breathe in.
  • Decreased Comfort. If your heating system is working less efficiently, you may find it difficult to get warm, and conversely, if your air conditioning system’s filter is clogged, it will be difficult to cool your space.
  • Reduced Air Flow. If your filter is clogged, your system may not function at its best, and heating or air conditioning units could malfunction.
  • More Costly Energy Bills. When your heating system or air conditioning unit is having to work harder, it uses more electricity, thereby increasing your energy bill. According to the Department of Energy, just a clogged filter can cause a 15 percent increase in energy usage.<.li>
  • Frozen Coils. Has your air conditioner ever become an icebox? Dirty filters allow grime to coat the coils, which can cause the unit to freeze up.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

While changing your heating system or air conditioning system’s air filter may seem like a small task, it can have a big impact when it comes to maintaining optimal energy efficiency and the life of the system. HVAC filters should be changed every month to three months, depending on the system’s usage.

Let us help! We can put your heating and air conditioning system on an annual maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance can pay for itself over time. Call our experts at A&T Heating and Air Conditioning in Mohnton, Berks County, PA, at 484-516-1017 or visit our contact page. We’re here for all of your HVAC needs.