water softener system

We all know the importance of water purifiers, but what about a water softener system? A&T HVAC is here to explain why your household, or office needs one today.

For those who are unaware of the importance of a water purifier, they purify water by removing substances like lead in drinking water.  Most offices, homes, and reusable water bottles now have purifiers. We classify this tool as a necessity. However, many homeowners did not know the use of a water softener system. Overall, water softeners take out magnesium, calcium, and other metals that are inside your water supply. This process is turning hard water into soft water. Although water systems may seem like a large expense, they are an amazing investment with an instant payout. If you want the best water your home and office can provide while being safe A&T HVAC highly recommends securing a water softener system.

Hard Water, Explained

Contaminants like lead and plastic easily end up in your tap water and other homes across the nation. Also, natural minerals can also get into our water. Of course, these minerals pose no harm to our bodies if we consume them. Generally, mineral water is consumed by the masses every day, because of their added benefits. It’s more than common for zinc, magnesium, and calcium to wind up in our water. Generally, these minerals at higher amounts can do damage to your water supply. Too much calcium and magnesium in the water supply can lead to a buildup. Then this buildup can turn into chalk or limestone thus the issue with hard water. If hard water goes untreated, it can have chalk and limestone form outside of pipes.

What Will a Water Softener System do?

A water softener system will normally add sodium to it. Sodium reduces the buildup of calcium deposits from your pipes. These salt-based softeners are typically used for worst-case scenarios of hard water issues. For minor hard water issues, there are salt-free softeners available to help remove the buildup of minerals. To clarify, they will not pump sodium through your water supply, but remove the minerals through electrical currents. The salt-free systems are more environmentally friendly as well.

Another reason soft water systems are so beneficial is they can also help reduce pipe issues. As we mentioned before, calcium can clog your pipes, thus slowing down your water supply. With the water system in place, it will help reduce any mineral clogging, restore your water flow, and use less water overall. So, this means smaller water bills for your home or office. Lastly, you’ll have a cleaner and tasty drinking water.

A&T HVAC has vast options for water softener systems for you to apply to your home. Our technicians will test for hard water, inspect your plumbing, and can install a softener system. You can reach us by our contact form or call us at (484) 516-1017. We look forward to hearing from you!

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