HVAC upgrades

Upgrading your home’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning is an investment in your home, but is your return making your home value rise substantially?

Getting the maximum return on your investments is something homeowners crave with home upgrades. Who wouldn’t want an appreciation on their home after adding large sums of money to it? The real question is: which investments will appreciate while avoiding renovation costs? The answer is HVAC upgrades. Generally, HVAC upgrades go unthought-of compared to roof upgrades, or flooring but they are a sound investment that pays off. We know wrong investments can be costly and may upset you when you realize the return is non existing in non HVAC upgrades. A&T HVAC is here to explain and provide the services to upgrade your home today.

Invest in Your HVAC System

Upgrading the HVAC system may not be as aesthetically pleasing as adding a new oven, but will have a greater impact. For current homeowners, the upgrade is an unthanked job, but a necessary one. Potential buyers may not see a brand new system, but they will notice an older one. Yes, the cost of this renovation may seem too pricey, but HVAC remodels have a higher return compared to other projects. You may see a return of up to 71%.

Things to Consider

The best advice we can offer is knowing which upgrades are needed for your home. Consider where your home is located, the type of buyers you’re looking to attract, and above all, your budget! A&T HVAC has some questions you need to answer before making upgrades.

Should it be a repair or a replacement? – If the HVAC unit is less than 10 years old but has some minor issues a repair may need to happen instead of a replacement.

Does your home need heating and or cooling – The answer for berks county residents is yes. Other areas like California or Florida likely do not need heating.

Are the HVAC units energy-efficient? – If your answer is, “no” consider a renovation. If your system is too or small for your home, or even too old an energy-efficient system can appreciate the home.

Basic Upgrades

Insulation – older insulation is easy to fix with low-risk investments. New insulation is a cheaper upgrade that brings a return and keeps your home insulated reducing your demand on an HVAC system.

Furnace/Boiler – Most furnaces last for 15 years with proper maintenance. Instead of constantly trying to repair a furnace, invest in a new one. A new furnace will conserve energy while improving the efficiency of your heating system.

Central Air – Most potential buyers are searching for a central air system already in a home. The installation cost varies but you will see a 10% increase to the value of your home.
Life is all about upgrades when needed. Getting a return on your investments shows money spent properly will result in financial growth. It may seem hard to find the right company for the job, but you can depend on A&T HVAC. Call us for an estimate, and any questions on your HVAC systems.

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