noisy air conditioner

A&T HVAC knows how annoying that noisy air conditioner can be. How can you fix yours?

Summertime is in full effect during July. How can you combat the heat? Since most people are working from home midst of the pandemic they are relying on their home faculties. Generally, the answer is fans or air conditioners. So, what do you do if the air conditioner is working but so noisy it’s a pain to have it on? A&T believes there is something that is keeping your AC from running smoothly and is fixable.

Too Loud To Start

Firstly, it is important to find the source of this pesky noise. There are plenty of variables as to what is causing the noise. Normally we hear from customers that their unit has always been too loud. This could be that the unit is of lesser technology or it is too big for your living space. One of our professionals will evaluate and diagnose the issue from there.

The Whistler

Have you ever heard the faint sounds of what sounds like someone whistling and whining from your unit? It can be so menacing! This happens because of airflow and air pressure issues within the unit. If there’s something our HVAC professionals can do is fix and master the issues of air pressure issues from your noisy air conditioner.

Moving and Shaking

Sometimes you’ll hear a rattle coming from your AC unit, and you must find out where that noise is located. It could be worn parts that are due for a change. We recommend you give A&T a call for an inspection before there is a major issue.

The Squealer

Our vote for the most annoying sound coming from the AC unit. Likely, the issue comes from a lack of maintenance. Your noisy air conditioner may need a new blower belt or motor shaft bearings.

Finally, contact your local HVAC and plumbing service technical experts to cease the noisy AC. You can reach us by our contact form or call us at (484) 516-1017. We look forward to hearing from you!