For those who are unaware, your air filter in your AC is an easy fix with a great impact.

You may be asking us, “What is an air filter, and how could I change it?”. For some of you, this may be the first time you even heard of an air filter. Presently, A&T HVAC is here to help you understand its use, why, and how it needs to be changed.

Why Change The Filter?

Simply, the air filter’s job is to keep debris out of your HVAC equipment so it can function. Surprisingly, filters collect a lot of dust and debris in very little time. At any point, there may be a buildup if left unchecked. So, what does this mean for your AC? Basically, if the filter is not changed the buildup can cause wear and tear. Not to mention, it could cause a breakdown of your AC unit. Lastly, your AC will not work!

How To Change the Filter?

Firstly, if you do not feel comfortable trying to change the filter on your own, contact a professional. If you are doing it on your own locate the air filter. From there, you’ll have to replace the filter with the correct size. The filter size is usually on the side of the filter. Of course, A&T’s professional service technicians always tell our customers to maintain the air filter. Our firm belief is to maintain the HVAC equipment our customers have by being on top of maintenance. Generally, air filters are a much cheaper investment than buying new HVAC equipment so save your money when you can. Finally, contact your local HVAC and plumbing service technical experts are ready to see to your comfort. Call (484) 516-1017. We look forward to hearing from you!