Plumbing issues always happen at the wrong time, but here are three ways you can keep those from happening less often.

Cleaning Sink Traps: Use a plunger to push most of the water out before removing the trap. The task will be a lot less wet, messy, and makes the plumbing easier on your arms.

Dislodging a Clog: When trying to dislodge a clog caused by a small, hard object (like a child’s toy, toothbrush, or comb), rely on a wet dry vacuum. It’s more effective to suck the object out. A plunger will only push it deeper into the drain, making it more difficult to remove.

Drip-Drip: A fixture plagued with a drip symbolizes money going down the drain. In fact, a leaky faucet typically wastes up to eight gallons of water per day, while a running toilet can waste 200 gallons per day. Fix small leaks promptly before they become a big and costly problem.